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The Personalized Difference 

Another difference in the way I do business is that I get to know my clients well. That's one of the main reasons they tend to be quite loyal to me, and I return the favor. If I'm working with you, I'm on your team, making your best interests a priority. Just because our relationship is professional doesn't mean it isn't important. 

So if you're looking for an accountant who puts your business in a pigeonhole and converses mainly in accounting jargon, you may not be interested in my services. But if you're looking for someone who will get to know your business intimately, find creative solutions to complex challenges and speak to you in English (or accounting jargon, when appropriate) I'm your man. Feel free to contact me via this website or at 904.281.1498

Professional. Personalized. Client-focused.

About Me

After receiving a B.A. in Accounting from the University of Florida, I worked for a number of employers, including a small CPA firm, Florida National and Barnett, and was an owner in a local wine store. I gained valuable experience in a variety of accounting areas and was able to see first hand how different kinds of organizations get things done. 

After cutting my professional teeth in the corporate world, I made my way back to school, graduating with a MAcc from the University of North Florida with a concentration in taxation. This degree enabled me to play with the big boys, so I worked in the tax department at national accounting firm (Big Four) and ran audits and client relationship programs for a couple of large local firms. I also served as CFO for a sizeable food manufacturer, taking responsibility for all finance, insurance, HR and IT functions.

Because I worked in so many different environments over the years, I learned a great deal about accounting and business from dozens of different perspectives. Over time, I also realized something else important: Many companies are in need of an accountant who can provide a more unique, personalized approach. Instead of standard, cookie-cutter solutions, a lot of businesses need a full range of made-to-order services that meet distinctive needs. 

I started my own firm nearly four years ago, and so far my client-focused philosophy has worked well, both for me and for my clients. Unlike many accountants, I am able to explain financial options simply and intelligibly -- pros, cons and processes -- to everyone from C-level executives to bookkeepers. I don't like to leave anyone guessing, so unless you have a strong accounting background, I'll never just hand you a spreadsheet and expect it to speak for itself.